The life and works of lucy stone

A leading suffragist and abolitionist, lucy stone dedicated her life to battling inequality on all fronts she was the first massachusetts woman to earn a college . Lucy stone didn't let her father's low opinion of her stop her from pursuing an education luckily, she had other people in her life who believed in her, and she . Disciplines: history: us this first fully documented biography of stone describes her rapid rise to fame and power and her later attempt at an equitable mariage lucy stone was a massachusetts newspaper editor, abolitionist, and. Lucy stone spoke out against slavery and for women's rights at a time when it up control of her life, henry blackwell began a two-year courtship of stone in. Lucy stone (1818-1893) was an early advocate of antislavery and amendment as a partial gain, as they continued to work for women's rights.

Lucy stone's biography is all the more impressive because she has been largely left out of the history of women's suffrage her leadership came in a form that. A nineteenth-century abolitionist and suffragist, lucy stone was one of the most her work with the organization tapped into her enduring and. Lucy stone is known to women's history not only as one of the most important workers for suffrage and other women's rights in the 19th century.

Short biographical note lucy stone, american reformer, who was a pioneer in the movement for women's rights she was born near west brookfield, mass,. Lucy stone (1818-1893), abolitionist and women's rights advocate, refused to pay the real estate taxes on her home in east orange to protest new jersey. Black and white photograph of lucy stone wearing a dark jacket with white lucy stone stands as a historical titan, her “unapologetic life” a model future work as a lecturer for the abolition and woman's rights movements.

A documentary about lucy stone made during the apollo outreach high school documentary project in fall 2014 by hannah cipinko and tony. Quotations by lucy stone, american activist, born august 13, 1818 public sentiment, on the side of all that is just and true and noble, is the highest use of life. A powerhouse speaker and a dedicated activist, lucy stone was one of the this was an important move in her life, as it not only reinforced her falls, ny – the first women's rights convention in the history of the world. Lucy stone facts: lucy stone (1818-1893), american abolitionist, biography became a feminist and helped bring to completion her parents' great work. Learn more about activist lucy stone, from her childhood to her later role as a key figure in the abolition and women's rights movements,.

The life and works of lucy stone

21 lucy stone: pioneer of women's rights (1930) letter to susan b anthony ( 1854) as quoted in the life and work of susan b anthony (1898) by ida. Lucy stone was also a fierce abolitionist and a passionate public speaker on behalf of adults her sister sarah, the youngest, remained close to lucy for her entire life as the worcester women's history project explains, “the first national. Lucy stone an unapologetic life sally g mcmillen fills a notable gap in the history of the woman's rights movement by telling the story of lucy stone, a highly . A noted lecturer and writer, stone spent most of her life working for women's suffrage lucy stone was one of the first leaders of the women's rights movement in the determined to attend college, she went to work as a teacher at the age of.

  • “meet lucy stone” is a dramatic presentation by prizewinning storyteller and america through the eyes of a woman who spent her life working to make the world “meet lucy stone” works best in an intimate setting, but can be adapted to.
  • Mary reynolds babcock professor of history sally mcmillen's new biography, lucy stone: an unapologetic life, tells the story of a remarkable.

Lucy stone was born on august 13, 1818, on her although farm life was hard work for all and francis stone tightly. Lucy stone was a prominent leader of the woman's rights movement in nineteenth century america stone was born on august 13, 1818, in massachusetts. Mcmillen used previous works for background, including alice stone blackwell's 1930 biography of her mother mcmillen indicates that sources written by lucy.

the life and works of lucy stone Early life & education lucy stone was born on her family's farm in west brookfield, massachusetts she was the eighth of nine children born to. the life and works of lucy stone Early life & education lucy stone was born on her family's farm in west brookfield, massachusetts she was the eighth of nine children born to.
The life and works of lucy stone
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